Hearing Aide: A Fitting Revenge ‘Tempus Fugit’

Ever since my first local show experience in my hometown of Syracuse, N.Y, I was addicted to finding local bands. The one thing us New Yorkers know best is how to make our own brand of metal. Look around in the Central New York area and you will find some of the most talented bands you can find from Ire Clad, which has some of the best mixture of Black Sabbath’s doom approach mix with some of the hard rock vibrations of Soundgarden, and Vile Tyrant who continues to liberate the black metal underground with their melodic approach to the genre. New York bleeds metal! To present my case, I give you this album review of A Fitting Revenge’s album, Tempus Fugit. I now have the floor!

a fitting revengeA Fitting Revenge is based out of Rochester, N.Y. We have Ledwing Hernandez on both guitars and vocals to bring the battlecry, Chris Xu on guitar to help bring the groove back to the mosh floor, Chandler Moran on bass to make your skin vibrate with excitement, and Aaron Smith on drums fueling the fire with his sonic attack behind the kit! Tempus Fugit is a deadly cocktail of groove and melody. The track “Cured of Faith” has some of the best groove induced execution I have seen in recent years. The band’s influences really show here. From the vocal approach much in the style of Randy Blythe, from Lamb of God, to the very catchy riff playing similar to Dimebag Darrell, the band still gives this track some NY style flavor. Hernandez’s vocals are just murderous and carries very well with the intricate drumming of Smith; by far my favorite track from the group. Moran’s bass playing will make you pick up your feet as Smith’s sounds the battle drums! Prepare for a moshpit for this one!

Even with the intense amount of aggression, you can still find some of the best melodic material from A Fitting Revenge. The track for me that screams out to in this manner is the beautifully constructed ‘Quiverfull’. The guitars harmonize very well on this song. Xu and Hernandez really have that chemistry to make this song hit hard. It is like taking a punch from Tyaon; yes including the ear biting! The fingering and precision is remarkable. Not even once when I was this demon did they lose my attention on this track; superb. Extremely catchy and melodic, it will have you begging for more as Hernandez’s guitar soars and compounds the solos with no struggle. The bass playing of Moran is spot on as it helps propel the emphasis of the bottom end of the song with the help of Smith’s very technical playing to keep that neck of yours breaking!

These musicians are extremely talented in what they do. With the aggressive tracks, like “Cured of Faith” and “Quiverfull,” and the melodic tracks, like the instrumental “Neuromancer” and “Wintermute,” the band no doubt has mastered their craft. In my opinion you should check out this band if you need a groove fix for your collection. I give this album 5 out of 5 horns. Go to the band’s links below to show your support!

Key Tracks: Cured of Faith, Quiverfull, The Noose

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