Hearing Aide: Powerflo: ‘Powerflo’

There seems to be a growing trend in metal music of rap-metal making a comeback since Prophets Of Rage emerged last year.  You could argue that bands like Body Count have been around for a long time, but now the genre seems to be in the spotlight again. And with any sub-genre of metal, you get the flash in the pan bands or the goofy sounding bands that don’t last, however, Powerflo has landed and makes a statement.

Consisting of powerhouse members of Biohazard, Fear Factory, Downset, and fronted by Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, their self titled debut album makes you stop and say, “Hey, we got something here.”  You always get a feeling with super groups that they could not work or blend well or just seem to be an odd fit.  This is not the case.  Powerflo is tight, has chemistry and contains killer hooks and a hard sound that grabs you by the collar and makes you listen.

The opening track “My M.O.” opens with a crushing guitar riff and dope rhymes straight from Sen Dog with a fantastic rhythm and beat from bassist Christen Olde Wolbers and drummer Fernando Schaefer. Its perfect to get you hyped up or that necessary kick you need to listen to while you’re at the gym.  The next track “Resistance” is heavily vocal, driven with sick drums.  But the song that stands out most is “Less Than a Human” because of how motivating it is.  The track that highlights the band the best is the single “Victim of Circumstance.”  If you want to get someone hooked on this band, show them this track.  It’s a perfect sports anthem.  I would expect to hear this band at sporting and fight events.  Book it.

Some of the Biohazard fans may be let down because they’re expecting to hear the kick ass break downs and guitar solos from a band that made them so iconic.  Poweflo isn’t driven by break downs and solos, it’s driven by catchy hooks.  The hooks punch HARD.  And Sen Dog really shines because he’s front and center.   This is a band with a bold move by guitarist Billy Graziadei, because everyone is used to him being front and center anchoring for Biohazard, but he has a different role in Powerflo. But it works.  This album is a must have for any hip hop, hardcore or metal fan.  Keep an eye out for Powerflo.  It’s easily the best debut metal album of this year.

Key Tracks: “My M.O.”, “Less Than A Human”, “Victim Of Circumstance”

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