About NYS Music

NYS Music is New York State’s Music News Source. We offer daily music reviews, news, interviews, video, exclusive premieres and the latest on events throughout New York State and surrounding areas.

The shared vision for all who contribute to NYS Music, is that they have the ability to hone their skills and build their experience while highlighting the best of New York’s extensive and historic music and art scenes. We want to see how artists grow locally and then widen across the country, bringing a huge national audience to New York.

Our mission at New York State Music is:

  • To give artists and bands across New York a platform on which to promote themselves 
  • To recognize that every band was local once, and the writers and photographers who covered them also got their start somewhere.
  • To follow in the footsteps of Greg Haymes and give those music writers and photographers who are just starting out the platform they need.
  • To celebrate the past, present and future of music from across the State
  • To bring the best of New York to the world and the best music from around the world to New York.

New York has historically been the hub, the heart, the center of America’s music scene going back to the beginnings of this nation. We need to explore these roots to see where we have been, and where will be going.

We are given a chance for artists to do what they are best at – creating art. So make the most of this time, take your emotions and transfer that creativity as you best know how. We are all here for now, but not for long, and not forever. When live music returns, we will fill our cups over and over again. For now, we can smile on the past, create in the present and look forward to the future.

Interested in joining the NYS Music team as a writer or photographer, or want to advertise with us? Contact pete@nysmusic.com.