Lexi Mariah Returns with “Queen of Broken Hearts” this August

NYC-based pop artist Lexi Mariah returns with her upcoming single, “Queen of Broken Hearts,” coming to streaming services on August 3. Her energetic sound and carefully crafted storytelling combine into a catchy track worthy of high praise.

Lexi Mariah cover art for Queen of Broken Hearts

Produced by Kenny Cash and written by Mariah, “Queen of Broken Hearts” explores the ups and downs of relationships – how the people one trusts are not always who they seem. The track opens with an enticing guitar riff and vocal harmonies that pull you in and keep you hooked.

Influenced by artists such as Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift, Mariah explores her pop sound with engaging hooks and an upbeat and captivating chorus. The lyrics tell a story of a manipulative relationship, adding great depth to the underlying rhythm.

Lately I just feel like relationships and even friendships are a gamble and you truly never know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Sometimes people in your life will ‘play fair’ and sometimes they won’t. They might try to avoid showing their true colors at first, but the truth eventually will always come through.

– Lexi Mariah on “Queen of Broken Hearts”

Over the course of the nearly three-minute track, Mariah builds her message with engaging drums, sassy and ethereal vocals, and the perfect mix of the pop and indie genres. If you are looking for a song to blast in the car with the windows down this summer, “Queen of Broken Hearts” is the perfect addition to your next mix.

To anticipate the release of “Queen of Broken Hearts,” check out Mariah’s recent releases and take a look at her music video for her 2021 track, “Demons,” below. Fans of Mariah’s music can also find her on Instagram.

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