Goose and Trey Bring Good News During Dark Days At Sold Out Radio City Shows

Seekers and travelers, both aquatic and avian, endured a nauseating sense of moral conflict while making their way to see Goose on June 24th and 25th for the sold out Radio City Music Hall shows. News of the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling was fresh; strong introspective notes of guilt and grieving rang in battle with the plans for a most jovial gathering. Hurdles of planning jumped for months to make those nights happen. Travel high jumps cleared in the last hour. All of this legwork to prepare for two nights when we thought we could finally be animals and move our abdominals for a night, instead receiving news that life for women just got a whole lot scarier.

goose trey
Good news brought to you by Goose and Trey by Em Walis

Goose’s cover of “Mad World” from the South Farms Halloween show played on repeat the whole drive down. A song which leaned into the darkness in the throws of pod-era guilt stricken live music attendance. It also was a song Doom Flamingo played later that night with powerhouse feminist badass Kanika Moore appropriately addressing this particular moment of darkness.

goose trey

During moments of self-preservation and protection, the mind for some went to a strange place where the value of innocuous thoughts skyrocketed. Distraction in the form of social anxiety, primal desire to hunt for big game in the form of a limited release poster, and theories of potential setlists and sit-ins began to swarm the mind, blocking out any space for all-out panic about women living in those states.

Empresses by Em Walis


Shock-driven imagination created a surreal mental image worthy of the “Weird Goose Dreams” facebook group. The line outside of Radio City before Connecticut Indie Groove band Goose played back to back sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall painted the sidewalks like the signs that once were held up only a few blocks away outside of MTVs TRL. Memories of pop-punk fandom long ago trailed while approaching. Opening conversations were mentally rehearsed. Would Dripfield have been hitting #1 on the hit music video countdown show if it were still airing today?

goose trey
So ready by Em Walis

Why the rehearsals? The typical over-thinker would estimate that of the 6,000 guests, a core group of, say, 10% would be in attendance for every show. Another 20% will go to every run within a day’s driving distance. 30% will see every show where they can return home the same night. 20% could be first-timers and the remainder… It was complicated.

100% Sold by Em Walis

In a landscape of ever-changing risk, evolving life circumstance and financial whirlwinds, that percentage unaccounted for above could be dedicated fans, unable to attend for a solid chunk of time. Thankfully, they were able to continue to follow the band, only from the VIP view of the livestream and rode the rails of the coffee table with company of an active group chat. The poster line was more like reflexes with a Nintendo game, instead of the running of the bulls (or in this case, geese). The importance of a historic night for band and community might have inspired months of preparation in order to attend. The emotions of the prodigal children ran high.

goose trey
The time they left Scarf the Redeemer in charge of the pit at RCMH – Georgiana Platt

Before crossing the street over to the line, all thoughts were immediately interrupted when a man standing with arms outstretched and body language that shouted, “Welcome!” and “I’m so glad you made it to the show!” Golden light poured over the massive Radio City Music Hall and line as far as the eye could see weaving behind. Scarf draped over the outstretched arms, the bit of fabric which has become a rock relic illuminated with vibrancy from the sun as it set behind.

The scarf danced and waved tirelessly during those early streams where the pods were spaced such that only two people from the crowd could be seen when Marta Goedde switched the cameras to the front of house viewpoint. A symbol of giving it all you’ve got to both thank the band for taking a risk during a dark time and to honor those that were not in a position to safely attend. A symbol of hope when we needed it most. A man whose outstretched arms and scarf draped, larger than life in front of the epic Radio City Music hall could only be described as “Scarf the Redeemer” washed away all doubts with a single hug. Radio City. Goose. Good News. Mood Boosted. Game on.

Start and end with glizzy sacrament by Em Walis


Familiar faces full from streams and memes were assembled at the front of the line, taking part in the sacrament known as the eucharist of glizzies. Why show up so early when there are assigned seats? The group up front at Radio City absolutely wanted a poster, but more importantly, value the time waiting on line for doors as part of the community experience. Hours of sharing and connecting before as well as mutual experience up front for every show has created an unbreakable bond and ritual that could not be forgotten, even if their ticket put them somewhere up in the three Mezzanines.

goose trey
Shine on by Em Walis

Stickers, baklava and pogs were passed around from arms draped in glistening sequin capes to ones with vibrant colors of one specific tie dye maker. Typically a sign on regional representation, these dyes transcend the regions and have been worn by community members hailing from an area much larger than their origins of Western New York.

The patterns on the dyes both thoughtful and ornate, evoked an unconscious mood boost because the coloring seemed to look exactly like the big looks from some most cherished moments from Goose shows past. The Blue Sky Dyes have been worn by members of Goose over the years which have been featured on streams played at home time and time again. Another mood boost.

Travel MVPs by Em Walis


Seven missed flights, one broken truck and a marriage proposal later, one couple finally made it to Radio City for the show. Another seated monk figure had converted his van to follow Goose. Coast to coast, Midwest to Southeast. Representations from across the country were assembled together. The mood was cohesive and upbeat.

goose trey
The Rockdale by Em Walis

Goin Down To The Rockdale

Arriving inside Radio City Music Hall felt like time travel. Lounges, not bathrooms, all had unique mirrored constructions. Water fountains made with artistry that could not look like anything further than the industrial robot fill stations of today. The merch line spiraled down an oval staircase. The surreal feeling seemed to never end as memories of the Resonance set from a few years ago kept appearing when chatter began to spread about what potential this band had. Familiar faces, big long hugs and selfies galore could be witnessed throughout the halls as thousands of people poured into the venue. This was a powerful feeling at a powerful time.

goose trey
Peter remembering who is important by Em Walis

Gonna Lay It All Down For You

Before Goose began their first song during the biggest night of their careers, Peter took a moment to address the crowd about the devastating news. He stated the value for women’s rights among the band and tears were falling before the first note commenced.

goose trey
Arms up, or not. You decide. By Em Walis

Leave Your Coat At The Hotel, We’ll Be Hanging In The Old Barroom

The atmosphere differed tremendously depending on location of seating. Each quadrant held a distinctive personality. Under typical circumstance, a Goose crowd would often resemble that of a high school cafeteria. Same people riding the front rails. Tamara, Crepes and Val on Trevor side, Phil, John and Noah in the middle. Binky between Rick and Peter alongside the Carusos forever dedicated to “Pete side, sweet side.” At Radio City Music Hall, everyone was scattered throughout. Some were able to experience the light show for the first time, despite countless shows attended.

Ryan Stasik believes in shenanigans by Em Walis

Orchestra: Elmegs and Empresses

In the Orchestra seating, there appeared to be a near checkerboard pattern of longtime family and friends mixed with first timers and socializers. Similarly dispersed were those that danced hard with those who would fall under a still, hypnotic trance. In the center of it all, fittingly, was the Goblin King. The “George Washington of hot guys in the jam scene,” according to Andy Frasco. Ryan Stasik was in attendance. “So hot right now,” someone whispered from nearby.

Escaped animal by Em Walis

First Level Mezzanine: Animals

The first mezzanine was a different story. These bunch of animals danced hard and could be called rowdy. The view of the stage from the back rows could have been better, but it didn’t matter. Every person of every age sang each word as if it were a church hymn. It was discovered here that amidst a tumultuous emotional experience, it can be extremely healing to let all of that angst out with dance and shouting the words. Catharsis comes in the form of the silly and leaving egos at the door. Appropriately, this quadrant of the venue went all out bananas when Animals came on. Little did they know the amount of banana jokes that would be made after the following night.

A game the animals played was called “Guess When Goedde is in Charge!” The critters up in mezz 1 would try to spot moments when the lights matched what was happening musically and participants in the game would try to guess what they thought Goedde would say through the monitors to the band like a circus ring leader. “Again!” was the most common guess.

goose trey
Feed the creatures. They will grow. By Em Walis

Second Level Mezzanine: Creatures

The second level was where true entrancement happened. A sensory experience where holding a prism, balloon while adorning 3D Glasses was common ground. The visceral reactions and empathy held by all. The bigger meaning was felt here. The growth of the band and its fanbase. The creature which grows when nourished and loved. When Trey came on, all bets were off and everyone beamed with excitement in celebration of the good news we all finally needed. Conversations afterword consisted of repeatedly exchanging the question “what the actual f?” back and forth to each other for the remainder of the night.

Mezzanine 3: Red Birds

Perched up above, the full view of the light show was quietly enjoyed by those that dedicated their night to doing everything possible to appreciate the small moments of beauty in life. The colorful moments viewed from a safe distance created a space for the Red Birds to begin to heal. In the most heartfelt performance of the new song “Red Bird,” dedication to all of the women struggling with the supreme court ruling. Caring, judgement free words were sang to the Red Birds up in Mezz 3, reminding the rest of the crowd of Peter’s assertion at the start of the run. Attendee Tony Vasile put it best,

“Red Bird was a necessary anthem for women’s rights tonight.”

goose trey
Leave your coat at the hotel by Em Walis

Going Down To The Rock Dale

All in all, the two night of Goose at Radio City Music Hall were memorable because of the good news it brought. Everyone seemed to get exactly what they needed out of it and left feeling better than when they arrived. For good reason. Fans both streaming from home and in attendance were able to witness their favorite band live out their childhood fantasy. It does not get more proud mother goose than that. One proud parent in the crowd recalled an early rendition of Goose practicing every Friday night for three hours over the course of seven years before they all left for college. With the occasional Saturday and Sunday jam session peppered in, it is remarkable to see the result of dedication as well as a coming of age tale converging during two beautiful nights.

goose trey
Media team and long time friends Adam Berta and Bryan Murphy perched by Em Walis

One Life To Live For

The spirit of the night was impactful for more than just bands and fans. The crew behind the scenes have all been friends with Goose for years. The amount of tears shed could fill buckets. It was not only a dream come true for the band to collaborate with Trey, or play this venue. Aspiring audio engineers, lighting designers and photographers dream of working Radio City Music Hall. To ice the cake with both musical and photographic heroes sent it over the edge into something that could once only be joked about as a “Weird Goose Dream” facebook group fantasy.

goose trey
Not The First Time by Em Walis

And The Sun Will Be Rising Soon

Beneath the brightly illuminated city lights and glowing marquee reading the words “Sold Out” and “Goose” common ground established between birds of a feather and fish in the sea. It turns out, they were all just animals. It was phenomenal. Finding an exit path through the boisterous carnival and second consumption of the eucharist of glizzies outside Radio City Music Hall, chirps of praise volleyed between friends old and new.

Glancing upward, the bright white points of St. Patricks cathedral glowed brightly as they peeked out from behind Rockefeller center. Like a scene from a movie, it all clicked. We have been here before. The face tingling sensation from Arcadia was felt this intensely only one other time during the Goosemas livestream performed atop Rockefeller Center amidst the throes of shutdown.

Its a new light creeping out…

This band seems to have made it a habit of there for us when we need it most.

Goose – Friday, June 24 – Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Set One: California Magic, Elizabeth, Jack-a-Roe (1), Turned Clouds, This Old Sea, All I Need

Set Two: Tumble, Borne, The Whales, A Western Sun, Pancakes

Set Three: Madhuvan, Hot Tea (2), Arrow (2)

Encore: Animal

(1) Grateful Dead cover, Goose debut (2) Studio arrangement with Stuart Bogie on saxophone, D. James Goodwin on guitar, Dave Nelson on Trombone

Goose – Saturday, June 25 – Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Set 1: Atlas Dogs, Moonrise, Wake Up(1), Atlantic City(2), Flowdown, Elmeg the Wise

Set 2: Rockdale, Seekers On the Ridge (Part 1)>Seekers on the Ridge (Part 2), Redbird >I’m Writing a Novel(3), Creatures

Set 3: Silver Rising, Hungersite (4), Arcadia(4), Dripfield(4)>Loose Ends(4), Empress of Organos (4)

Encore: Tomorrow Never Knows(5)

(1) “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire (2) “Atlantic City” by The Boss (3) “I’m Writing a Novel” by Father John Misty WITH FATHER JOHN MISTY!!!!! (4) Trey Anastasio Playing with the boys! (5) Jeff on Guitar w/FJM on Drums, Trey has returned) “Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles

Photo Gallery by Filip Zalewski

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