Wu Tang Clan To Issue Extremely Limited Photobook

The lives and times of the Wu Tang Clan has been chronicled heavily (deservedly so) throughout their existence. Beginning with their own personal accounts in their music, to feature interviews, documentariestv series and now, an exclusive Wu Tang Clan photobook will share rare and never seen before images of the rap phenoms. With photography from the likes of; Danny Hastings, PROTIM PHOTO, Kyle Christie and Andy Cantillon, as well as friends and family of the Clan.

Titled Wu Tang Clan: LEGACY, this large format photography book features more than 300 pages of images and comes encased in a 400-pound sculpted chamber.

“From conception to the present day, this is the story of the undisputed greatest hip-hop group of all time being unveiled through rare and never before seen photos,” said John “Mook” Gibbons, CEO of Wu-Tang Clan Management, in an official statement. 

According to the book’s official website, only 36 editions will be made available for purchase, and each comes signed, dated and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity. 

Each book will be printed and bound in Italian leather and will come encased in a bronze-encrusted black steel chamber individually designed by sculptor Gethin Jones. The design was inspired by the bronze ritual bowls from the Zhou Dynasty, an ancient period considered the pinnacle of Chinese bronzeware crafting, and its first ruler was King Wu-Wang. This comes as no surprise as the Clan’s music — specifically RZA’s production – was heavily influenced by Asian martial arts, beliefs and overall culture. Even the 36 copies being produced serves as an ode to their first album tittle (36 Chambers) and the numerological significance of there being 36 chambers in a Shaolin Temple.

For more information on how to purchase and own what is sure to be a rare collector’s item, click here

Wu Tang Clan photobook

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