Artist spotlight: X.ILE from Queens

Eccentricity can be an unsettling space to operate in. But, like most frantic states , when harnessed it can bring about thought-provoking, abstract art. Such is the case with Queens-based rapper, DJ, and producer, X.ILE (born, Xavier

MVW and Lex Luger Deliver CLASSIC$

Opposites come together for a harmonious result on the first collab album between classical music composer, Michael Vincent Waller (MVW) and multi-platinum hip-hop producer, Lex Luger. Together, the duo combine to release a one-of-a-kind

Wu-Tang Is For (Teaching) The Children

An old saying -- part marketing tool, part observation based on the group’s lyrical content -- “Wu Tang is for the Children” is proving itself to be true after all. Throughout their decorated history, the Wu Tang Clan has impacted music,