Frank Palangi has “Gone Mad” in his latest video

Frank Palangi, the homegrown Queensbury, NY indie rock singer, guitarist and musician who has shown he can do anything and everything he sets his mind to, has released his latest video for “Gone Mad.”

Filmed at Sweet Basil’s, as well as his home studio, Palangi coordinated for the video in recent months with Director Cameron Gallagher and Producer Frank Palangi.

The video is composed as an otherworldly talent competition at a mysterious location, which leaves Palangi walking into a rigged scenario and leaving him with no control. “Gone Mad” serves as the third chapter of of recent videos, including “Break These Chains” and “Set Me Free.”

Frank’s music is an evolution of the rock and metal sounds of the 80’s and 90’s with a dose of post-grunge mixed in. Despite the title, “Gone Mad” offers a refreshing and positive outlook that serves up a feeding frenzy of heavy guitar work and deep, gritty vocals.

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