Frank Palangi’s New Single Proves Rock Won’t “Fall From Grace”

Frank Palangi’s new single “Fall From Grace,” proves that the rock genre still has a place in the music business – as does Palangi. The rock singer has been performing for more than 10 years and continues to make noise in the music industry, “Fall From Grace,” being only his most recent track to hit music platforms. “Fall From Grace,” is sure to leave fans eager to hear more.

Frank Palangi. Credit: metaldevastionradio

Raised in Upstate New York, Palangi first hit the music scene in 2011 with his self-titled debut EP, and since then has had the opportunity to work with a number of music producers. Over the course of his more than decade-long career, he has released a total of five EPs, received Best In the Region for local Glens Falls and Albany areas and national unsigned-only competition finals, radio artist of the year (radio wigwam) and an LA Music Award single Nomination. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Palangi wasn’t discouraged, and his optimism shined through his music. Guitar World magazine said of the artist, “Palangi’s positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with his fans.”

Palangi stands out positively from artists today in a number of ways, and “Fall From Grace,” is living proof of that. Palangi’s newest single echoes the sounds of hit rock bands and some of his biggest inspirations such as Ozzy, Def Leppard, Megadeth, and Three Days Grace, just to name a few. “Fall From Grace” can have a subjective meaning to listeners, so almost anyone can resonate with it, one way or another. For some, it could be about a fall-out you had with some of your closest friends, who you thought would stick by you through anything, or for others, it could be about being turned down for a job you really wanted or desperately needed. Either way, “Fall From Grace” is likely going to go down as just one in a long list of hits by Palangi.

“Fall From Grace,” is available on a number of music streaming platforms.

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