Bobby Shmurda turns 26; Best Gift of all still to come

Incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda celebrates his 26th birthday today, with hopes of it being his last behind bars. On the heels of  the anniversary of his breakout record, the Brooklyn-born drill rapper may have even more good news to look forward to, as a parole hearing — set for August 17— will determine his immediate future. 

Bobby Shmurda
Why they wanna pin a felly on me?

After a countdown from a website seemingly belonging to the embattled rapper set a date for August 4, many began to speculate about the meaning, with some assuming it was related to his release. Speaking to TMZ in late July, The rapper’s mother — Leslie Pollard — confirmed that the rapper was indeed scheduled for a parole hearing in August. While also divulging his plans for a documentary about his life, as well as new music as soon as he gets out — as the rapper is still contractually tied to Epic Records. For his birthday, GS9 cohort Rowdy Rebel’s official Instagram, shared its own social media ode to his label-mate, hash-tagging “3months left.” It is unclear whether it is referring to his own release or that of Bobby Shmurda. 

Nonetheless, rumors of a release as early as August 5, set social media ablaze, with most eliciting thoughts of joy.

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