Rowdy Revel Out Of Prison, Ready to Get Back in The Rap Game

Brooklyn rapper, Rowdy Rebel, has officially been released from prison, to the rejoice of fans and acquaintances alike.

Chad Marshall, known professionally as Rowdy Rebel was released this past Tuesday after spending nearly four-years incarcerated at Collins Correctional Facility in Erie County. Upon his release, the “Beam Jawn” emcee was greeted by family, friends and associates. Soon-after, he was being gifted eye-popping jewelry and made his way to a private Jet, as well as a recording studio.

Originally arrested back in 2014 alongside fellow rapper Bobby Shmurda and other GS9 hip-hop collective affiliates on murder, drug, and weapons charges. The two Brooklyn drill rappers then took a plea on conspiracy to possess weapons and were then sentenced to seven years in prison.

Even while locked up, Rebel kept up his grind, keeping his focus on music. The “Computers” rapper made a guest appearance on Pop Smoke’s Billboard charting record “Make it Rain,” recording his verse via a collect call from prison.

Videos surfaced all over social media documenting Rowdy Rebel’s first day of freedom, including a call to still incarcerated Bobby Shmurda. Who, on the other hand, hasn’t fared as well with the Board of Parole despite taking a plea deal so his compatriot would serve less time. Bobby Shumrda has allegedly racking up violations for possession of weapons and drugs while in prison and is serving the rest of his sentence, Bobby is scheduled to be released in December of 2021.

Fans should keep their ears to the ground for new music coming from Rowdy Rebel as he has already been seen cooking it up in the studio, you can see him live on Instagram reveling in his newfound freedom and triumphant return to Brooklyn’s rap game.

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