Restless World Music drops haunting R&B single “Cyclone”

Yesterday, Restless World Music released their third single, “Cyclone,” on the heels of two singles, “Stratosphere” and “Ashes” which premiered earlier this year. “Cyclone” is the third of four singles that precede the group’s EP, due out in 2020.

The Washington, D.C. based group says of the track:

Sometimes love leaves with a whisper, slipping through our fingers. Other times, loves leaves nothing behind but wreckage, and no matter what – or who – we try, nothing can replace it.

No matter how you’ve experienced love leaving your life, “Cyclone” illuminates the feeling that is left behind. Showcased by an inspired male vocal bringing heat over a dark atmospheric R&B/trap beat, lyrics such as “my life’s a ghost town, when you’re not around” will hit home.

Prior to “Cyclone,” songs by Restless World Music have won several songwriting awards, including five years in a row of recognition in the Great American Song Contest, with two first-place wins (in Pop in 2012 and in R&B in 2016). The Great American Song Contest recognized Restless World Music on Facebook for being one of only two songwriters in 17 years to win first-place honors in two of their songwriting categories.

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