Restless World release lyric video for “Second by Second”

NYC band Restless World Music have recently released their new single “Second by Second.” The group is no stranger to melodic beats and emotionally driven lyrics, as they blend different musical styles and carefully-chosen words into a restless whole.

restless world second by second

“These days I’m rebuilding my life / You could say I’m refilling my life” – how many have thought or said that over the past few years? So many self-empowerment songs make it all seem so easy – this song isn’t one of them.

For many on the road from doubt and despair to self-appreciation, one’s “gotta fight for every inch” and “Second by Second” makes the joy at the end of the journey, and this song, so much sweeter.  “Second by Second” features stellar female vocals over an atmospheric fusion of trap, pop and a touch of jazz. 

The lyric video for “Second by Second” builds on the song’s themes of rebuilding oneself after a crisis, and moving from doubting yourself to new heights of self-confidence. Produced by Restless World Music using Adobe After Effects software and a rich selection of 1080p video clips, the video delivers a cinematic feel that enhances the mood and meaning of the song.

Restless World Music’s songs have earned awards from the Great American Song Contest four times and have been recognized twice as top-five songs of the month in online music magazine

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