Oshima Brothers are ‘Lost at Sea’ with New Single

The folk, acoustic-pop siblings from Maine, Oshima Brothers, dropped their new single “Lost at Sea,” Friday, November 22. Inspired by the vastness of the ocean, the song plays like rolling waves, rocking you into a peaceful state with their beautiful harmonies and gentle guitar playing. It’s a lovely song to unwind to, to listen to the verses as they tell a story of love and loneliness. 

In a recent show at Caffè Lena, the two brothers spoke of how their music is greatly influenced by the natural world around them, and they marvel at the fact that we are all connected underneath the same night sky, the same constellations linking us to one another. 

Oldest brother, Sean, effortlessly tackles opposing roles of the band’s songwriter, publicist, business manager, stylist and chef, while his younger counterpart, Jamie, handles all producing, engineering and filmmaking. Sean sings, plays harmonica, rhythm guitar and cajón, while Jamie plays electric guitar, bass, drums, keys, mandolin, banjo, and fiddle, all while harmonizing vocals. This makes the pair a true statement of DIY music – making what they love on their own terms.

Listen to Oshima Brothers “Lost At Sea” via any music streaming platform.

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