Premiere: Carpool releases new single ‘Idaho’

Sophomore EP 'I Think Everyone's A Cop' Drops September 13

Western New York alternative punk band Carpool has released their debut single “Idaho.” The track is from the band’s upcoming EP I Think Everyone’s A Cop, which is scheduled for release on Sept. 13. Drawing influence from elements of shoegaze and emo, Carpool crafts songs characterized by catchy hooks, insightful lyrics, mathy guitar riffs, and a plethora of pedal effects. Singer/guitarist Chris Colasanto has the following to say about this song:

‘Idaho’ is a song about a place I’ve never been. This past year has really been a turning point in my life and has made me realize how slow moving and pathetic I was… Everyone around me was steadily growing up and moving on. It made me really wish I could just get up and go to somewhere unknown. But like everything else in life the grass is never greener on the other side.

It’s about issues with your self image and self worth. It’s about wanting so badly to relapse into your old toxic self, but knowing that if you let it happen it’ll ruin you and possibly kill you. It’s about giving up on yourself and being who you need to be.

Digital copies of I Think Everyone’s A Cop will be available Sept. 13. Physical copies will be available in October via Syracuse label Nothing Feels Good Records.

I Think Everyone’s A Cop Track Listing:
1. Cigarette Cough
2. Another Song About Rachel
3. Beauty School Dropout
4. Local Joke
5. Idaho
6. Close Encounters
7. I Think Me And Drake Would B Friends

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