Carpool Heading Out on East Coast Tour

Carpool has just announced a month-long tour. It kicks off with a hometown show at Bug Jar in Rochester on Oct. 11. They make their way down the coast on their way to play Fest on Nov. 2. After that, they wind their way through the Midwest, hitting Chicago and Detroit on their way back to the finale on Nov. 14, back at the Bug Jar. Follow them on social media for updates.

The four-piece emo/punk band includes Chris Colasanto (Guitar/Vocals), Tommy Eckerson (Guitar/Vocals), Milo Duhn (Bass/Vocals), and Alec Westover (Drums/Vocals). Carpool released their sophomore EP I Think Everyone’s A Cop a year ago. Check out the NYS Music interview about the band and making of ITEAC here.

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