Hearing Aide: Venomous Maximus ‘No Warning’

Over the years, Black Sabbath has been known to create not only the metal genre as a whole, but  also inspired so many sub-genres  from the roots of all things heavy.  Because of the wall of sound and the occult themes, many fans were mesmerized by that approach and set out on pilgrimages to create their own form of occult rock. From bands like Candlemass, Angel Witch, whom brought the sound of wicked laced lyrics in their songs, to groups like Electric Wizard who brought the evil overtones with immense amounts of 60’s influence drug speak,  it is fair to say Black Sabbath has given birth to so many great bands over the years with their influence.

Among the children of Sabbath, we have Houston’s Venomous Maximus. They started casting evil incantations with their debut album, Beg Upon The Light (released 2012 via Occulture), the band was eagerly accepted in the doom underground. Now it has been two years since their last spellbound of a record Firewalker (released 2015 via Shadow Kingdom Records). They came back from the crypt to cast one more feverishly dangerous of an album, No Warning (released via Shadow Kingdom Records), the doom rockers have once again unleashed hell and we love it! 

No Warning is the third studio album from the band. The formula of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) with the elements of Black Sabbath,  this album hits you where it matters most. With Beg Upon The Light single “Give Up The Witch” we have the continuation of the story with “Return of The Witch.” Much like from the debut album, the vocals will  have your skin crawling with excitement. Higgins (vocals/guitar) still sounds like an ominous banshee which you do not want to meet in a dark alley. Such a deep and very melancholy style of vocals, one will find themselves caught in the beauty of the darkness of the lyrical themes. With tracks like “All Of My Dreams” and “Pray For Me”  displaying the most powerful of vocal creation, you will without a doubt be putting these tracks on repeat while you let the night take you away. 

The band really knows how to make catchy songs while keeping that metal attitude alive. With Higgins, Larson (guitar/synth/backing vocals), Diles (bass), and Draungardy (Drums/percussion) working like an unholy covenant, the songs they create will have you banging at your next black mass! My personal favorite songs which I feel have the best girt type of mood would be “No Warning” and “Spellbound.” With such energy you will fall in love with Draungardy drumming and bass playing from Diles to penetrate into your mind the end of days is nye! It really will make those fans of Sabbath and Candlemass really feel as though the two groups made a Rosemary Baby and is offering the craft to the world! With the guitar work of Higgens and Larson working as one being, the 80’s guitar style is very clear in the tracks, with soaring guitar solos, but still carrying that doom induced dread that even the dead can enjoy rocking out to! 

I have always been a huge fan of doom and occult themed bands. In fact it is one of my favorite genres of all time to enjoy with friends in the graveyard back in my youth. Doom metal will continue to haunt the underground and the passion for all things ominous. The genre will continue to be a favorite of the metal underground. With No Warning your passion will only grow with the genre and the band. This fine specimen gets an 8 out of 10 from me.  You may go to the band’s bandcamp to get the album or Shadow Kingdom Records website. Get it out and may the spirit of the witch grace your ears! 

Key Tracks: Return Of The Witch, Pray For Me, All Of My Dreams

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