Hearing Aide: The Hairs “While I Hated a Life Barbarian”

The Hairs is the freak-pop project of Kevin Alvir. Inspired by underground comics, alternative comedy, DIY K-records pop, and Flying Nun records, the Hairs write songs about dying houseplants, barbarian life, prison stays, gay male bonding, mind-bending anxiety, and other fun things. The Hairs are rounded out by fellow collaborators Jacob Sloan & Steve Tarkington.

From the start of this album this writer did not know what to expect by the album title, the first track “Barbarians” really sets the tone for the rest of the album. With a Beatles-esque feel with the driving rhythms of the guitar and percussion along with monotonic vocals is a very nice blend making this album a favorite for anyone that loves progressive rock. From start to finish this album allows the listener to really encapsulate themselves inside the album, with the use of powerful lyrics throughout. After a few listens through this album was when the appreciation for the mastery that is being put on display began to sink in. Finding drifting away as I sit at my local coffee shop as certain tracks on this album would be quite fitting to be played inside of one.

This writer is normally not one to listen to this genre of music very much; but was truly reveled at how enjoyable this album was, definitely one that would be recommended to giving at least one full listen to. Finding a deep connection with certain tracks as listed below, this is definitely a band that would be intriguing to see live one day. “Barbarians” This song is the perfect way for this album to kick off. As stated above this is one of the tracks on the album that would be heard being played inside of a coffee shop. Very mellow but upbeat, this song is the perfect start to the road trip ahead of you with the following tracks. “That Witch” We’ve all wanted to write a song about a girl that has caused some kind of annoyance in our lives. This track is exactly that, uplifting as the track may sound the lyrics is exactly the opposite, “That Witch, that witch she took away my feelings that witch that witch I haven’t slept for weeks.” Just an example of the power behind the lyrics throughout this song definitely one to listen to either after a fight with your significant other or a breakup as it is most fitting for such reasons. “Homeboyz” Out of all the tracks on this album, this one sticks out to me the most. With the lyrics striking a chord about the mundane and depressive thought of no one coming to your funeral including your closest friends. As depressing as the lyrics are on this track, it allows you as the listener to reflect on what truly means the most in your life.

Key Tracks: Barbarians, That Witch, Homeboyz

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