Putnam Den to Host Particle Party

Particle have always had an eclectic mix of musicians. From moe. guitarist Al Schiner to the legendary Joe Satriani, the pattern has remained unchanged. Beginning last year, Brothers Past bassist Clay Parnell joined the group, opening many new doors for the band to explore, and explore they did. This year the additions continue as The Disco Biscuits’ Allen Aucion joins the band on drums. Aucoin, who joined the Biscuits after winning a drum off in 2007 to replace founding member Sam Altman, has been playing under his moniker Dr. Fameus, while the Disco Biscuits tour schedule has slowed down. His sound, blended with Particle, can only lead to endless possibilities. The fast pace grooves that Particle provides will be complimented superbly.

Particle and special guests, Greenhouse Lounge, are coming to town March 19 at the Putnam Den in Sarartoga Springs. Tickets are $15 dollars and can be purchased here. This is going to be a special evening that may not be repeated.


NYSMusic recently has a chance to sit down and talk to Steve Molitz of Particle about all things going on Particle.

Jimmy Chambers: How did Allen Aucoin end up on this tour with you guys?

Steve Molitz: Allen and I had played a handful of shows together in the past (The Space Lab, Everyone Orchestra, etc.), and we’ve always gotten along famously (pun intended) – both on and offstage. Our bassist Clay Parnell has toured extensively with Allen in their electronic duo Dr Diesel, so when Particle discovered that we needed a drummer (our previous drummer was unable to tour), Allen was a very natural choice. He had a break in his Disco Biscuits schedule, so the timing worked out perfectly. We’re so excited to have him out with us, and we’re all really having a blast on the road together…

JC: Has the Particle sound change since?

SM: Fans can still expect to hear that classic Particle sound, but it has definitely evolved since Allen started playing with us. He’s such a skilled and powerful player, and he has such incredible pacing in the jams. He’s a very creative player, and I love the way he approaches the songs and elevates the music.  We’ve been getting into deeper electronic grooves on the recent tours, and this rhythm section lays down such a massive and dynamic foundation. Allen brings a fresh perspective to the songs from the Launchpad era, and he’s a perfect fit for the newer, more electronic songs…

JC: Have you, having been in Phil and friends, been in contact with anyone for the Grateful Dead 50 celebrations?

SM: I reached out to congratulate the guys when they made their big announcement, and I think it’s so cool that they are all so genuinely excited about the shows. I’m so happy for them that they have reached this epic milestone, and I know the shows are going to be really special. And although I can’t announce anything officially yet, I will say that there’s a very good chance you’ll see me and Particle both playing multiple shows in Chicago that weekend…

JC:. How do you feel the band’s momentum has increased over the last year?

SM: Things come in waves, and it’s been such a thrill to watch Particle pick up so much momentum in the last year. The band was on a sort of an unannounced semi-hiatus for the past seven years, but we’re 100% back in action now, and it feels so good to be completely immersed in Particle again. We’ll probably play 75-100 shows this year, and we are putting the finishing touches on a new album in the next few weeks. We’ve debuted a bunch of new original songs on this tour, and we’re really trying to write set lists that challenge us to explore uncharted territory in our improvisations each night. There has definitely been a noticeable change in the feeling at the shows, and the recent surge of energy and excitement from the fans has been so inspiring.

JC:. What are the bands summer plans?

SM: Write, record, release, rehearse, TOUR, rinse, and repeat