NYS Music March Madness – Round 1

ROUND one is complete! Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all bands for participating. ROUND two is now live, go vote for your favorites here. All the round one results can still be reviewed below. 

Welcome to NYS Music’s March Madness! This tournament-style competition includes 64 bands and artists who call Upstate New York their home.

This year’s 4 regions are based on genres of music – Funk/Jam/Reggae, Metal/Rock, Bluegrass/Folk/Americana and Indie/EDM. Each region has 16 Upstate New York bands in their respective region, battling it out to reach the Final Four and claim this year’s title. Bands were chosen based upon their origins in Upstate and popularity in their respective genres.

Voting begins March 16 at Noon and ends at midnight on Thursday March 19. Round two begins March 20, with additional rounds announced on the NYS Music Facebook page.

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