Hearing Aide: Sixx A.M. ‘Modern Vintage’

sixxammodernvintagecdnewSixx A.M. released their third full-length album Modern Vintage on October 7 and has struck lightening once again.  What makes this Eleven Seven Music released album even more intriguing than the previous two releases, is that this marks the first time that Nikki Sixx, James Michael, and D.J. Ashba have written an album without using a Nikki Sixx novel as source material.

Opening track “Stars” has brilliant guitar work while “Gotta Get It Right” song sounds like something Queen would write.  This album fully shows off the kind of music that influenced them. The songs seem a lot shorter than songs off their previous releases. It’s definitely a step in a different direction. The material isn’t as heavy as the other two releases, but by no means lacks energy in the songs.

“Get Ya Some” is a nice change of pace with the acoustic guitar, then “Let’s Go” cranks things real loud really showcasing the band’s depth. James Michael’s vocals throughout the album are absolute gold. He has such an Elton John flavor with a touch of 90’s alternative to his voice that really makes this band really stand out among other hard rock bands. Sixx A.M. is not just riding high because of the name. The band has real talent.

It was recently revealed current Black Label Society drummer Jeff Fab laid down the drums for this album and will be playing behind the kit for the live shows.

Midway through the album, Sixx A.M. goes into a power ballad with “Drive” before going into the Motley Crue like “Give Me A Love” which is also a catchy tune. Going into the end of the album, “Miracle” is clearly a nod to the eighties, while closing track “Before It’s Over” ends the album on a rather strange note.

Overall, a solid release from Sixx A.M. A departure from the previous two releases, however, Sixx A.M. is here to stay. I would expect after Motley Crue wraps up their farewell tour, Nikki Sixx will make Sixx A.M. his full-time gig, And I would imagine D.J. Ashba will have plenty time off with Guns N’ Roses to be a part of it.

You can purchase the album here.

Key Tracks: Stars, Get Ya Some, Let’s Go