The Linda: WAMC Performing Arts Studio – You’ll Like What You Hear

The building once sat as an abandoned Fleet Bank until a vision, the spark of an idea and a push for arts and cultured community events came to fruition through the eye of WAMC President and CEO, Dr. Alan Chartock. The grant funded venture became a reality when it opened its doors in September of 2002 with Branford Marsalis Trio as the very first guests. As an extension of WAMC, a public broadcast radio station; The Linda provides a unique and intimate concert space.

With the Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange meeting at The Linda, great film things had their first start. (another choice)

The goal was to expand the station’s ability to provide on-air performances both live and recorded. The Linda is a performance space, a broadcast studio, and a cultural arts center. Programming includes music, film, workshops, debates, and community events. A focus being on the local exposure to notable filmmakers, actors and musicians with genres such as roots, classical and jazz, The Linda is a perfect listening room. The Linda was affectionately named after long-time supporter of WAMC, Linda Norris, however, let it be known that it is correct only to refer to the space as The Linda – WAMC Performing Arts Studio.

With the Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange meeting at The Linda, great film things had their first start.

The small space brings the artist and listener together in a way that creates an engaging experience. Often, there are CD signings following a show. Being a 210-seat facility, the experience is intimate and personal. A highlight of The Linda is that shows are scheduled early enough so that folks are out to enjoy the club scene, which is beginning to take shape on Central Ave with Pauly’s Hotel and The Low Beat next door. The Linda is located on a section of Central Ave that is a very diverse part of town with multi-cultural restaurants nearby. Being that a large focus of The Linda is connecting arts and culture with the community, the locale is perfect. There is a small cash bar and The Linda is available to rent.

The Latin pulse of Chicha Librehad them dancing in the isles and then some.

No matter your own personal intention for visiting The Linda, whether it is a comedy show, a political debate, a music event or a play, you will like what you hear.


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