Garth Brooks – “A Simple Yes” Is The Solution

As the live stream of Garth Brook’s press conference came across today, the elation in the room was apparent.  Scattered throughout the room were those who experienced and knew Garth in the 90’s and those that want to know Garth in the new millennium.

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

As Garth took the stage in jeans, buttoned down shirt, and ball cap you immediately know that this legendary performer is not a diva by any means, but a performer who is there to share his love of country music with everyone.  As he begins to share his wonderful news about his upcoming world tour, he is hesitant to smile too broadly as he feels as though he is “under a cloud”  with the situation he has experienced pertaining to his Ireland shows over the last ten days.  As he addressed the situation in Ireland, he assured everyone that at no point and time did he ever see this occurring as he met constantly with the establishment.  The original three shows apparently sold out immediately with a need for two more shows to cover those who couldn’t purchase tickets.  As he rescheduled the second on sale dates, predominately arranged to address those recepitients in Limmerick that had issues with the tickets, there was no indication that this would ever result in the cancellation of all five shows or there would be problems with the licensing.  Garth is highly respected because as he is all about his fans, right down to making sure his tickets are affordable.  As the system began to break down he was told that “A simple yes” would make those who purchased tickets from the first three shows happy”.  But he wasn’t about hurting those who purchased tickets to the other two shows.  His response was “A simple yes will make everyone happy”.  Garth was quick to explain that unfortunately the guy who cancelled was doing his job, and it was not his fault the system is not set up for someone to step in and say, it’s okay to go ahead with these and address these concerns afterwards.  He was very adamant about how sad this has made him.  He feels that Ireland is home.  He state if he was asked today to come over and make this right, he said he would even swim over to speak to the Prime Minister, to do what he can to make these shows happen for ALL the attendees, not just the first three shows.

When asked about the announcement of the tour cities and which will be his upcoming opening city, Garth explained that at a past show in Vegas he promised a young man, named Andy, he would be the first to know where Garth is opening when announced.  Once Garth calls Andy and speaks to him, around July 14th he will tell the rest of the world.  That, is what makes Garth so popular, a mutual respect between the performer and his audience.

As Garth began to address questions from journalists, he assured two Irish journalists in attendance that he doesn’t hold the country or the people responsible for the situation.  The situation is a direct result from a system in place.  He further stated that Ireland will “have his love forever”.  As he was asked about possibly moving to another location or different time, he assured them (without giving away details to the show) that his set is a monstrosity that cannot be moved, and his performance one that is best done in an evening.  He doesn’t want to give them all but the best he can, and to do so during a hot July afternoon wouldn’t be conducive to carrying out his best he can offer to them.   He points out that of those that purchased tickets, 75% were of the age of 25 or under.  That number represents attendees who were just babies when he toured previously.  Without Garth being involved in social media or having his music digital until now, to have heard about him they would have been told about his previous shows and music by their parents.  These stories obviously have built him up to being 6 foot 8 and some sort of superhero, and to give them less than a performance of that magnatude would not be what they expect, and would not be fair.  Again, all it would have taken “was a simple yes”.

When asked about his songwriting on this upcoming album, and when to expect it’s release, Garth couldn’t answer on a date.  However he could share that it will only be available on his webpage and retail when it is released.  In the past they have done so around Black Friday, but as of now they do not have an exact date.  He state that most of the music on this double album is written by the “kick ass songwriters” now taking over country music in Nashville.  He wouldn’t categorize it as “bro country” or “hick hop”, as many of the new sounds are.  He categorized it as Garth Music.  He explained that over his career he found that his sound was ever changing, as this one will be.  His fans are in store for some unique country mix that he has evolved into today.  Now signed to RCA/Sony Nashville, he’s very excited to enter the digital age at one of the greatest labels in Nashville, where his idol, Elvis Presley began.  As this album and the digital music is released he will be giving a thank you to those waiting with a special very affordable price to show his appreciation in waiting for his return and second chance at living his dream.

On the tour, fans will be happy to see the same energetic electric entertainment he’s know for.  When asked how he’s preparing for the upcoming shows, he stated that it’s just something that happens to him when the music starts.  It just comes over him and then watch out.  He wants those who come to a show to leave saying “that show was stupid” (in a good way).  He dubbed it as “mas chaos at high volume”.

When asked what was the most difficult thing to leave as he retired and what is the one thing he’s looking forward to as he returns, Garth said “purpose”.  He said he always had a purpose before.  He knew he would load in, perform, load out, and eat Taco Bell at 3am, and then repeat every day.  When he left to raise his three girls, he wasn’t quite sure what his purpose was.  Well his fans gave him the greatest gift they ever could as he found his “purpose” at home to, and that was to be their father forever.  Now what is he looking forward to, it’s his purpose again, load in, perform, load out, and eating Taco Bell at 3am again.