Cosmic Jackson Storms the North Country

The Adirondacks are best known in the winter time as a destination for skiers, snow borders, ice fishing, and snowmobilers. So it was a pleasant surprise on my visit to Oak Mountain, in Lake Pleasant, NY on February 22nd to see how they have incorporated an entire music series for all of their patrons and locals to enjoy once the sun went down on the mountains, featuring Cosmic Jackson.

cosmic jackson

This is becoming a trend we see with other ski resorts as well, such as Woods Valley, who have taken to offering live music throughout the winter season for both visitors and locals to enjoy. I think it is a brilliant way to feature wonderful local talent and reach an audience of all ages that may not necessarily venture out otherwise for live music.

Starting off their winter music series at Oak Mountain was the Willie Playmore Band, followed by Jason and Nick from Floodwood, local favorites The Birdseed Bandits, and Marshall Stewart’s acoustical show, as well as many other talented artists. Excited to see this evening’s featured band, Cosmic Jackson, I settled in to a packed audience of many patrons who I had seen earlier on the slopes, as well as some new faces of snowmobilers that stopped for some food, drinks, and a good time. I was happily surprised at this band’s amazing musicality and harmony on the two guitars, bass, and drums. Playing such an eclectic set list of music, the dance floor didn’t stop all night. Cover songs varied from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, to Bob Dylan & Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel”, to Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion”. What really got the crowd going though was their cover of “What I Got” by Sublime and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Give Me Three Steps”. Again, the variety floored me as they were able to reach the entire audience with music they loved from genres and generations across the board.

It’s great to see small communities such as Lake Pleasant/Speculator thriving this winter with tourism due to the cooperating weather, but what makes me even happier is to see them offering amazing live performances all season long for everyone to enjoy.

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