Connecting With The Creators of Jungle Boogie: A Chat With Dave Risen From Lock42

After chatting with one of the creators of Jungle Boogie, Dave Risen, it becomes clear just how much thought and dedication has been put into making this one of the state’s finest and most outrageous Halloween gatherings of the year! The resort party’s theme is based on the endangered wildlife foundations which the event is supporting through its endeavors. Proceeds will be given to the Pantera Foundation which is a wildlife sanctuary for endangered big cats, as well as the SavetheKoala Foundation.

“After years of being in the business, you begin to notice the connection we all make through music, why not connect for a cause other than ourselves. We have a lot to learn from these animals and we are going to miss our chance if we don’t stop and do something to help them,” said Risen. Jungle Boogie gives people a chance to get dressed up and party in costume for Halloween while resting assure their contribution is going to a good cause and their involvement matters.

jungle boogieDave Risen and his production company came up with the idea for the event back in April. Through mutual ties and working events, Lock42 was able to team up with Dave Ehmann from Improv Records.  Over time things developed and the event started coming together. They were able to land a brand new venue, the beautiful Roaring Brook Ranch in Lake George to host the event. Jungle Boogie will offer three stages and each stage will show a different genre of music. The idea behind this was to “Bring together a mix of people and scenes in order to create a larger more progressive and forward thinking movement” says Risen.

The Electronic Stage will house bass heavy dub, drum n bass and techno genres, and will offer beats that flow with the jungle theme nicely. The Boogie Stage will feature live music and jam bands and as for the third stage, it will have its own tricks and treats. Hosted by the Radial Engine Tribe, the Psy Stage is for anyone who is into psy-trance and getting down with the underground DJs. There will also be live painters, performance art, glow body paint and dancers.

As far as booking goes the promoters were looking for world class talent as well as trying to support local musicians. Dave says he wanted to bring in an older more rooted producer from the UK where drum and bass began and the artists have more history within the genre. He is very pleased to welcome Adam F, who co-founded Breakbeat Kaos, all the way from England to the event. Upstate favorite like Twiddle, Lucid, Aqueous, Formula 5 and the High Peaks Band will be jamming on the Boogie stage all night. These performers were chosen to keep variety in the mix and to support and offer local music to join Jungle Boogie.

lock 42The “resort style” party suits this event best. This way guests can get a room, safely stay in one place all weekend, and get down until the sun comes up. The resort will be decked out by professionals, VIP passes are available to anyone and there will be an array of vendors featuring home-made crafts and creations as well as healthy organic food options. Music lasts until the sun comes up!

Buy your tickets here and will see you there!

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