Indie Band El Modernist Release Music Video for “New Waves”

The Albany based indie band, El Modernist, released a new single, “New Waves” on Friday, February 25. Their release also features an accompanying music video, a first for the band.

El Modernist

El Modernist’s single release arrives as they prepare for NYS Music’s March Madness 2022 Tournament. The competition will begin on March 1.

The new single address a theme common to many musicians: the struggle to fit in.

“New Waves” is a song about never fitting in but loving yourself regardless,” El Modernist said in a press release. “We have all felt alienated at some point in life, but it is important to remember that there is no “right” way to live, and all you can really do is try and be happy as you are.”

Despite its potentially heavy subject matter the music video for “New Waves” is more of a romp than a meditation on individuality.

In the video for “New Waves” a mysterious masked man chases the band’s members. Killing them one by one. The assassin’s goals remain unclear. He might be a symbol for how a boring life can kill you, or for how you’re not really alive unless you’re true to yourself, or it could just be an entertaining narrative spun into a music video. Either way, the light-hearted tone and comical ways the killer takes out the band members make for an enjoyable watch.

El Modernist defines its music as featuring “pulsating hooks and lush melodic waves of psychedelia” combined with “upbeat, catchy garage-rock” that is fused “with a modern alternative hip-hop sound”.

Their website elaborates by explaining “[which] is a fancy way of saying they sing and play guitars and sometimes raps happen and it’s fun”, displaying the sense of humor and self-awareness displayed in the “New Waves” video.

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