In Focus: Miles Francis at Baby’s All Right

Miles Francis captivated their late-night audience on Wednesday, October 6, at Baby’s All Right. Originally set to perform at 10 p.m., scheduling delays led to a slightly later start to the already late-night show. Despite the wait, the audience at Baby’s All Right was buzzing. 

The New York City native lived up to their reputation as one of the best-kept secrets of the local music scene. The show began with Francis walking through the crowd and jumping on stage enveloped in a silver morph suit. An intrigued audience watched as Francis acted out hurriedly ending a phone call.  

After quickly unzipping their morph suit, Francis and their supporting band jumped into an energetic opening number. Francis performed a carefully curated mix of their discography, making sure to perform their two latest releases, “Service” and “Popular.” With their effortless dancing and humorous stories rounding out the set, it’s clear that the stage is a second home for Francis.

Miles Francis is currently working on their debut album, set to release in late 2021. Listen to his latest single, “Popular” here.

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