Brion Starr shares Title Track from upcoming album ‘A Night to Remember’

NYC-based rocker Brion Starr has shared the second blazing single and titular track from his upcoming album A Night to Remember, along with an accompanying video.

The album – produced by the legendary sonic mastermind Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Sparks) – marks Starr’s first music since the release of his 2020 sophomore effort, the aptly titled 2020, and is set for release on November 19th via Taxi Gauche Records.

The track is a reflection on what was going on last summer with the worldwide protests that were happening, reflected through the prism of American sentimentality. I love the piano in this track, very special. ‘A Night To Remember’ your life, the kind of night that surpasses anything you could have imagined. The kind of night where it feels like the whole world could change.

Brion Starr

“A Night To Remember” is a meditation on the night itself, a spinning sci-fantasy through this future darkness we all contemplate, a journey to the end of the night told as a story of one evening in an internationalist future city with no up and no down, no beginning and no end. Passing through the seedy clubs, with all their trappings, are you being followed? Have you lost your mind? Blackout and wake on a train. Is this a dream? We are nocturnal. There’s a fire in the streets. So you find the ones you love and hold them tight. Yes, the kind of night where you land right where you’re meant to be. 

Starr’s current collaborators include Jaie Gonzalez (Splashh), Hayden Tobin (Hanni El Khatib), Pete Sustarsic (Public Access TV), James Hurst (Beach Party), Ben McConnel (Beach House), Grace Kennedy, Charlie Sands, and composer Nigel Wilson.

For Brion, “‘A Night To Remember” is a dive into the subconscious, sort of fever dream in the middle of the album’s trajectory. Always fascinated by mime, how it’s neutral nature exposes the depth of human emotion, Brion Starr wanted to bring out his inner Marcel Marceau for this video. 

Shot at a location that means a lot to Starr where he grew up going to with friends, the East River Park Amphitheater. The city is trying to develop the park right now and Starr hopes they do not succeed in their plans, as the NYC of his childhood disappears a bit more each day. Check out East River Park Action to help out.

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