Magic Dance gets us into the Halloween spirit with new EP “From Death To Life!”

Magic Dance, the solo project of singer/songwriter Jon Siejka, is releasing a new album this December titled Remnants. However, the band decide to couple the release of the album with a new EP From Death To Life!

Siejka does not stop there and pleases fans with also a new music video for the first single “Zombie Breath Surprise.” Siejka had fun writing and recording the song, as he wanted to create an AOR celebration in the spirit of Halloween.

Magic Dance

Formed in Long Island, NY, Magic Dance was started by Jon Siejka in 2012. Siejka is a self-taught musician and producer. Siejka wanted a platform express his synth-wave music, which was influenced by iconic-synth 80’s pop and movie soundtrack music. His sound has evolved over time, and has now become a heavier, guitar-oriented style, reminiscent of classic AOR music. The songs also have strong elements of mid 80’s music.

The line-up for the EP consisted of Jon Siejka on the vocals, guitars, and synths. Kevin Krug, Gabor Domjan, Luke Anderson, Emanuele Moretti were on the bass as Kevin Mcadams was on the drums. Gdaily was credited for the saxophone, and Tim Mackey provided guitar solos on “Zombie Breath Surprise” and “No Light (Hand Of Death)”. Ziy Shalev also had a guitar solo, for the track “Oh No”. For more information, you can find Magic Dance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their new EP, “From Death To Life!”, is out now!

Key Tracks: Zombie Breath Surprise, No Light (Hand Of Death), Oh No

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