moe.ron Mondays to feature never before seen 2005 Portland shows

The next two moe.ron Mondays on Nugs TV will feature a pair of shows from the State Theatre in Portland, Maine, which will also conclude the weekly streaming series.

These two shows did not allow taping and served as record release shows for The Conch, one of moe.’s best-received albums, receiving 4/5 stars in Rolling Stone. The shows, seen for the first time, will offer a glimpse at a band 15 years into their career. Tune in at Nugs.TV

moe.ron mondays portland
moe. Summer 2005 tour poster by Emek

Setlist, June 10, 2005
Timmy Tucker, It, Lost Along the Way, Happy Hour Hero, McBain -> George, Tailspin, The Pit, Recreational Chemistry, She, The Road, Brent Black
Encore: Wind It Up, Blue Jeans Pizza, Crab Eyes

Poster by Marq Spusta

Setlist, June 11, 2005
Captain America, She, Wind It Up, The Road, The Pit, Kyle’s Song, 32 Things, Wake Up, St. Augustine, Head, George, Rebubula
Encore: Plane Crash

Watch and enjoy “MacIntyre Range,” featured on The Conch and inspired by the Adirondack Mountain range of the same name.

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