Gramatik Formulates Electronic Wizardry in Brooklyn

Electronic wizard and free music advocate Gramatik made people dance into the early morning hours with his digital weave of urban and funky beats at the premiere EDM venue in Brooklyn, Avant Gardner. He was supported by incredibly talented colleagues Opiou and Balkan Bump for a night of organic, hip-hop-infused electronica.


Balkan Bump is an electronic artist who mixes live instruments, world music and digital production. Trumpeter, producer and enthomusicoligist Will Magid is the brain child behind this band. A tapestry of funky beats, stellar trumpeting and dance hall vibes was cleverly woven throughout the set. At one point, Magid announced that he was playing a one word song, and everyone should sing along. That song was “Tequilla” by The Champs, and it was a huge hit with the crowd.

Will Magid of Balkan Bump

Opiou, a producer and artist from New Zealand, was up next, and brought his Kiwi electronic heat. Also known as Oscar Davey-Wraight, this DJ is known for funky beats and deep bass grooves, as well as a penchant for keeping the dance floor alive well into the late night. Will Magid joined Opiou during the middle of his set on trumpet, creating a refreshing organic synergy. His signature buildups and drops continued throughout the set, framed with an engaging LED light display and plenty of fog.


Gramatik took the stage to a packed crowd that was ready to dance. And dance they did. Denis Jašarević is Gramatik, hailing from Slovenia, and is known for his mind numbing hip-hop beats and fresh remixes. He played with guitarist Adam Stehr, adding an organic feel to his live performance. His stage setup included several LED panels that displayed colorful graphics, a healthy dose of fog, and a stacked lighting rig that fostered an elevated visual experience.

This evening’s stellar performance included samplings of “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” by NYC’s own Beastie Boys and “Can’t Get Enough” by Gramatik’s frequent cohort Griz. Will Magid joined the party on trumpet for a tune, and the crowd was loving every second of this vibrant collaboration. Gramatik noted that this was his last show of 2019 and he sure went out with a bang.

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