Hearing Aide: Fruition ‘Wild As the Night’

Portland-based quintet Fruition has come a long way since busking on the streets of Portland, and as they take the country by storm, they’re not afraid to dive into new ideas in their latest album release Wild As the Night.

Perhaps the greatest talent of this group is their ability to weave in and out of different genres with ease, and their versatility can qualify them to perform at all types of festivals, from Telluride Bluegrass to Bonnoroo (both of which they’ve played).

The album is a true testament to this group’s musicianship and experience. The opening track “Forget About You” is riveting, with piano-arpeggiated runs to fill the spaces between the thunderous drum beat that carries the song. As the commotion builds, we’re introduced to tight three part harmonies and rhythmic mandolin strums. The title track of the album has a rich balance that warms the mix, and just as you get past the tenderness of the ballad, you’re suddenly thrown into the trip-hop trance of “Sweet Hereafter.” It’s here where the beat thickens, the heads bob and the mandolin is given a bit more bite so as to mimic an electric guitar.

Wild As the Night is unique glimpse into the band’s history, which has lasted more than several years. While they can all play multiple instruments, there is no fight for attention on this album. This group has their own language, and they leave space to breathe and allow each other to contribute. They even describe themselves as pieces of a bigger part when it comes to their music, and it’s evident in the album as well as their live shows. A band this creative and daring can generate a buzz quickly, so do yourself a favor and catch one of their shows while they’re still on the rise.

Fruition will be stopping by the Hollow in Albany on February 1, and if you’re in NYC, you can catch them at the Brooklyn Bowl on February 5. For info and tickets, check out their website and Facebook page.

Top Tracks: Forget About You, Wild As the Night, Sweet Hereafter

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