Hearing Aide: BHuman ‘BMovie’

BHuman has crafted the soundtrack to your next intergalactic dance party. BMovie is a theatrical concept album of interstellar proportions, springing from a love of sci-fi and 1950’s horror flicks enjoyed by Londoner Billie Lloyd and New Yorker Harrison Scott, the members of this queer pop duo.

In dramatic fashion, BMovie offers an overture, intermission, and interlude-providing segues. These futuristic instrumental tracks use clips of dialog, including lines from old movies, serving as a fun way to weave their work with the existing framework of sci-fi pop culture. They also help to lend context to the songs and move the story line forward.

The first song on the album is a cover of Cher’s mega-hit “Believe.” BHuman has stripped back the song to emphasize the bittersweet sentiment of the lyrics, then contrasted it with light and airy percussion and synth. The song debuted earlier this year, just in time for NYC Pride.

As delightful as this opening is, it’s only the beginning. BHuman’s original songs interlace captivating synth pop melodies and fantastical vocal hooks to create soundscapes that are out of this world. The music maintains an ethereal levity as BHuman explores interpersonal relationships and learning how to be comfortable in one’s own body.

The album builds to an incredibly vulnerable and touching climax with “Teachmehowtobeyourgirl.” We’ve moved past believing in life after love, past using people in “Distraction,” through the web of lies that people weave in “Fiction.” Here we enter a space where it is safe accept one’s self, to love another person, and to discover what it really means to be human.

Key Tracks: Distraction, Fiction, The Other Way, Teachmehowtobeyourgirl


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