Vintage League Music Announces Spring 2019 Album Release Schedule

Vintage League Music, known for establishing an environment of comfort for musicians and music lovers who find passion in the world of soul, has announced their Spring 2019 release schedule.

The lineup includes a live album from London’s Crowd Company, and debut studio albums from Alan Evans, the founder of the label, as well as the Alan Evans Trio (Ae3).

Evans will be experimenting with his solo career through his album entitled, Nothing To Say dropping on May 10. The album wanders into several genres including funk, soul, and psychedelic rock. The unique set of songs include features from Neal Evans, Danny Mayer, Kris Yunker, Darby Wolf, Beau Sasser, and Ryan Hommel. Over the course of four years, Evans has constructed a powerful set of songs that debut his vocal talents- something he is less known for compared to his five-star drumming.

On April 12, Crowd Company will be dropping Live At The Jazz Cafe. This eight-man group led by Rob Fleming, a partner at Vintage League Music, is astounding for creating a modern take on vintage soul funk. Revolving around the Hammond organ, addicting hooks and brilliant harmonies coming together through the use of horns and three soul singers.

Next, Ae3 will be releasing a new studio album called The Wild Root on June 1. The group is comprised of Alan Evans on the drums, Danny Mayer on the guitar, and Kris Yunker on the keys. Described as the perfect blend between funky and groovy, the delivered melodies are deep and powerful.

Last but not least, Johnny Trama, a Boston guitarist, and Toussaint The Liberator, a roots and soul singer, will be combining talents to release a single entitled Dreamin’ and Screamin’.

The passionate motives behind the album are evident. According to Evans, “We wouldn’t be doing this unless we absolutely loved the music we are making and especially the people making the music on Vintage League Music. I know you will too!”

Learn more on the recently updated Vintage League Music website.

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