Hearing Aide: Veil of Maya ‘False Idol’

Veil of Maya the metalcore quartet based out of Chicago,IL was founded in 2004 by Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum. The band is currently on their sixth album release with False Idol being the latest album released off of Sumerian Records. Including Okubo (guitar) and Applebaum (drums); the band also consists of Danny Hauser (bass) and Lukas Magyar (vocals).

Their new album False Idol released on October 20 is the follow up album to the 2015 album Matriarch. Following in the direction they lead off with Matriarch, False Idol continues down the strong melodies and hard vocals that preceded this album. Right off the start “Lull” leads perfectly into the second track on the album “Fracture.” Magyar’s vocal range is really shown off in this song as he hits very low and high pitched screams into melodic singing. At the two minute mark, the song slows down and you can grab your dance partner as the melodies of the band and Magyars vocal make a beautiful blend. The pace is brought back up with eerie keyboards and chuggy guitars.

“Overthrow,” the first single released off of the album is one of those songs that when you hear it at a concert, in your living room, or your car; wherever you are you immediately begin to bang your head, as this writer is as he is listening to the track. Once the chorus hits…

“We refuse to live, Only sparing breath, We’re caged in silence, We will soon begin, Bringing forth the end, To all this madness, Hold me high above the rest, We speak through defiance, We refuse to live, In this pattern of death, Return the violence”

Try to not sing along with it when you hear it all blended together pumping through your ears. The song hits a massive breakdown and puts you into a zone that leaves you wanting more and more. When the song finally ends you look around and realize that you’ve destroyed your house thrashing and dancing around to the track.

“Graymail,” the eighth track on the album starts off at a slower pace and works its way up to the quick pace the album had previously established. The chorus of this song has a very powerful message that is proved with the lyrics and the power of the band behind them:

“To the honest man I’ve broken apart (broken apart), But they fail to understand that, Their ridicule has made me what I am”

To anyone that has been pushed around, bullied or felt unwanted by those around them, these lyrics will make you want to stand tall and look at yourself in the mirror and say screw the haters, the doubters and all the naysayers, “I am who I am and those that have caused me trepidation can kiss my ass.”

Veil of Maya have hit the ground running with False Idol, this album from front to back is a masterpiece. Every note sang and played is so perfectly melded together making you want more and more. Follow Veil of Maya on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Key Tracks: Lull, Fracture, Overthrow, Graymail

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