Hearing Aide: Ghost Atlas ‘All is in sync and there is nothing left to sing about’

If you follow any releases or bands under Sumarian Records belt, then you probably heard of the metal band ERRA and Jesse Cash!  Stepping away from the more heavier sound, Cash has created his own solo project, a more melodic alt-rock approach with an immense amount of emotion driven lyricism. His solo project is called Ghost Atlas. Cash had previously created under the Ghost Atlas name in 2014 with Gold Soul Coma and then in 2015 with the Immortal Youth EP. Now with the full-length All is in sync and there is nothing left to sing about is set for release independently on November 17th. This review will help not only spark your interest, but enhance your need to feel all across the emotion spectrum. 

The first single off the album, “Legs,” sets the alluring tone and foundation for the piece.  It compounds a very dark and melancholy setting which is created by Cash’s mental state and musical influences. The melody really resonates inside the listener. You feel like you are being seduced by something wicked, but the temptation is very much there with the need to explore deeper into that realm. The sound of the drums sounds like your very heart is about to give out with each passing second. The bass plays with that idea well as it creates a very soothing, yet uncomfortable tone. I feel what really gives this track the passion and drive the most is the guitar combined with Cash’s vocals.  The high screams are vicious and the more calming vocals really do play on that high emotional factor. It does feel as if you are fighting to be both good and evil at the same time with some inner demon. It is both a demon and an angel that you will find yourself becoming with “Legs” as the puppet master.

Some tracks from groups can really make you feel like you are about to lose it all, yet slowly but surely, grounds you where you need to be. The song “NightDrive” is that very song where you can set your inner most secrets free. It starts off  on a very sorrowful note. The slower pace of “NightDrive” really creates that atmosphere and it could be described as almost suffocating. Cash implementing so much of the human psyche in this track, if you listen closely enough and feel enough, the lyrics starts to paint a picture. The need to find where you belong in this world in my opinion shines in this amazing piece of audio. If you ever had any skeletons in the closest, this song really makes you try to confront them. The over the top slow, but heavy melody-induced guitar playing in the beginning slowly crates your trouble mind into submission. Halfway through, the chaos starts to awaken in the tune. You really do feel as if you are struggling to find a way out of a bad situation. The bass and drums propels the listener to different dimensions of the inner workings of what makes us human. Cash continues to serenade and becomes the medium for the listener to discover the most surreal self-awareness inside ourselves. 

With his time with ERRA, Cash still knows how to create some great explosive creative pieces as well. “Badlands” is the track that has a real punch to it. The overall theme of the album is still found in here, but it does have more attitude than the other tracks on the album in my opinion. You have the whole idea that things are changing around us, which  it is something we all know very well, and is something we have to deal with in this world. The bass comes alive in this, letting down a solid catchy bass line. The drumming is very addicting to follow along to while getting lose in the world Cash has created. I would say “Badlands” is the song off the album that will make you move around a bit with a sense of questioning what you are willing to change in your life, while getting lost in the event of experiencing new things. I have a gut feeling this song might be one of the most adored tracks. among be masses! 

All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about is the very manifestation of Cash’s emotions and ideology. Investing thousands of his own money into the creation of this  project comes to show how much heart and blood he has placed into this. This album will destroy the charts in the alt-rock genre without a doubt in November. If you like Deftones with a hint of mid-2000’s alternative influences, you will find a new album to be obsessed with.  This album gets 4 out of 5 from me. Do not forget to pick up your copy on November 17 on the official bandcamp.

Key Tracks: Legs, NightDrive, Badlands

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