Hearing Aide: Dentist “Ceilings”

Dentist is an Asbury Park-based indie rock band whose catchy sound blends the best of surf, punk and pop. Think: dreamy vocals, fuzzy guitars and beachy jangle. The band’s 2014 self-titled release received much positive attention, and the four-member group has shared the stage with a variety of national acts, including Jeff the Brotherhood, Laura Stevenson, Television, Screaming Females and many more. And on June 24, Dentist debuted their follow-up album, Ceilings.

A first listen through the 10-track record might leave listeners not knowing what to think — but, after a few additional run-throughs, the album certainly comes to life. Vocalist Emily Bornemann can be compared to Stevie Nicks, and the rest of the band (Justin Bornemann, Nick Kaelbein, Rudy Meier) nicely gels with her signature styling.

There are a few standout tracks on Dentist’s new full-length album. The opening song, “Climbed Too Many Trees,” kicks the record off with a sense of what is to come ahead, offering a great blend of vocals and driving guitar and drums — this song really sets the pace. The second noticeable track, “Over and Over,” slows the album down to an almost complete stop, but after how driving the first few songs are this one is perfectly placed for a nice mid-record breather; and the sheer brilliance of this song coupled with its beautiful melodies might bring on the tears for some. The third ear-catcher is “Joel,” and it seems that this song details a bad breakup with a long-term boyfriend; but, it ends up being more of a feel-good piece once the beat picks up.

Ceilings is definitely worth a listen, as this band has a lot of potential and upside, and any chance to see Dentist live now in intimate hometown settings would be highly recommended before this group bursts through to bigger venues — plus, their tunes provide a perfect soundtrack for summertime escape.

Key Tracks: Climbed Too Many Trees, Over and Over, Joel

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