Hearing Aide: The Macpodz “Underwater Encounters”

The MacpodzThe jazz-fusion, disco-funk band from Michigan, the Macpodz, recently dropped their latest release, Underwater Encounter, and this album will light up a room. “Leijah’s Victory Lap I” eases listeners in with a breezy jazz tempo, while introducing the album via electronic voice. “Cities, Highways” is the perfect song to listen to while stuck in traffic, as it gives the feeling of moving beyond the bottleneck at that one exit, only to proceed to step on the pedal and floor it to 70. This jam is not sorry about bringing the funk with a continuous build.

The jazzy “Until the Next Time Around” is filled with smooth moves, organ slams and bursts of trumpet that demand attention. Between tracks, a quick “Quiz” from a children’s electronic toy is in store; listen carefully, and see if you can decode the answer. “$5s & $10s” is crammed with sexy tones that aren’t afraid to let loose during the slow and easy flow of this track.

A groovy “Bouncin’ Off Satellites” creates an infectious tone, and dancing is the side effect. There’s no avoiding the need to get up and bounce around the room to this track. With intense energy exerted from dancing, “Hitchhikers Love Song” is the breather halfway through the album. Sleepy trumpet notes dance through this relaxed tune before sliding into the jazzified “Put Some Stank On It.”

“No Dead Air” keeps the chill vibe rolling with hints of Frank Zappa, while “N Congress” brings a supercool rhythmic flow. “Sammy’s Reprise” is heavy on organ and spoken word, a spiritual nod to the musical influence on life. The soulful “Temesgen’s Homies”  is packed with slapping guitar strokes and down and dirty brass, coupled with keys that aren’t afraid to dance around the other instruments.  The album wraps up with the outro of “Leijah’s Victory Lap II,” bringing a clean close to Underwater Encounter.

Overall, this record is the perfect playlist addition to an evening with friends, when attempting to capture the heart of a woman, or when in need of something funkadelic. Crammed with musical surprises, beats that take you way up high and then back down for a cool break, Underwater Encounter will surprise and delight even the most discriminate music fan.

Key Tracks: Cities, Highways, Put Some Stank On It, N Congress

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