Adam Ezra Group Along With 600 Runners ‘Found Disturbing the Peace – In Harmony’

Despite the large gathering of rowdy runners and music lovers alike, there were no arrests made at this event for disturbing the peace (that I’m aware of).  More than 600 attendees though, came out to watch and cheer on both the runners who participated in the annual Runapalooza, the groups that played along the course, and the Adam Ezra Group as they made an official debut in Syracuse at the finish line. Adam joked around that although it was not technically the first time the band set up to play in the Syracuse region, they did consider this their first time playing here.  After all, could they count a quick gig in a mall at a beer joint while patrons ate and drank?  Funny enough, one of their fans that attended that un-debut show was present and accounted for this evening, and as she cheered on the group they thanked her for at least paying attention during her dinner to their music.

adam ezra group
Adam Ezra Group – Runapalooza

As an occasional runner myself, I was tickled pink to hear that bands would play along the way of Fleet Feet‘s annual race held at Onondaga Community College.  What better way to help motivate the runners along the 5k course. The day was gorgeous for a run, and runners of all ages participated in this event as onlookers rang cowbells and cheered them on as though it was the NYC Marathon.  Side note to here; the cheering and the music and the encouragement, it does wonders for the runners to help them push through that last leg of the race.  So thank you to all the supporters that help cheer them on.

This too was my debut Adam Ezra show.  I had heard wonderful things about this band so this night had been penned on my calendar in ink for several months in eager anticipation.  As the band began to play I was totally smitten by Adams raspy voice, his poignant lyrics, the catchy beats, and the synchronicity of his band.  His humor was delightful and with a slight Boston accent at times, he cautiously mentioned to a crowd of Yankees fans anything Boston related. Yes, Adam Ezra is a wise man, and great musician that loves his fans and what he does.

The music had a perfect blend together.  With Turtle on drums (and some of the best make shift instruments I’ve ever seen), Corinna Smith on fiddle (and co-member of “we think Alison Krauss rocks club”), Berklee graduate  Francis Hickey who decided to live his dream while he could by playing on bass, Alex Martin  who was told trumpet wasn’t cool so stuck with drums (so glad you went with the drums, you rock them), and finally Adam’s multi-talented cousin,  Josh Gold on keyboards; each band member contributes amazing skills and quality without overpowered the other.  With a gentle flow, they moved from song to song and around the stage seamlessly. With the absence of a setlist, this was a sure indicator that Adam plays music to each audience, as a gift to their needs and not his own.  I loved their free spirits, and their positive aura was contagious.

At the end of the evening he solidified my opinion of being a great guy and free spirit as he brought his sole audience member from that original show (the one we aren’t counting) up on stage to sing along to the encore of John Denver’s “Country Roads.”  His giving soul welcomed everyone over to his merch table to say hello and grab some music.  All he asked is that you contribute what you could to the “love you box.” His goal, to share his music. Oh, and what beautiful music it is.  Make sure you check them out next time they are in your neck of the woods.  Until then, well worth the donation to the “love you box on-line.

Setlist: Drive, Sacred Ground, Hippie Girl, Devil’s Side, Let Your Hair Down, Life of a Thief, The Devil Came, Up To Boston, Burn Brightly, Steal Your Daughter, Free Fallin (Tom Petty), Country Roads (John Denver)

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