Wild Adriatic to Play Bonnaroo

It’s not everyday that an Upstate New York band has a chance to play Bonnaroo, but Wild Adriatic are getting just that opportunity. Over the past few weeks the band has been apart of a “March Madness” style tournament through Sonic Bids to get the most votes for the opportunity to play the festival. Winning in the first four rounds against bands throughout the country by 74%, 65%, 66%, and 64% respectively they were onto the final round of voting to decide which bands would be playing Bonnaroo. Winning with 55% of the vote in the semi-finals, Mateo, Travis, and Rich pulled out the victory and were officially awarded a slot at the prestigious festival. Happening from June 11 to 14, Bonnaroo will include Billy Joel, Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Robert Plant, and many others. Wild Adriatic is psyched to be able to play the festival and represent Upstate New York. Their next area show will be taking place at Vapor in Saratoga Springs on April 18 celebrating their new EP Never Enough.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_R6VZny1kE]



In the final round of voting to see who would be crowned number 1 overall, Wild Adriatic took it with 69% of the votes to win the entire tournament. Congratulations are sent out to Mateo, Rich, and Travis on a job well done!