A Chat With Queensbury’s Frank Palangi

NYS Music recently sat down with with Queensbury, N.Y native Frank Palangi, a rising star on the local rock scene. Palangi has opened for some big acts in the rock genre over the last couple of years besides headlining some of his own acoustic shows. Frank talks about how some of these opportunities presented themselves and where he is going in 2015.

Chad: Thank you for taking the time out to sit and chat with me for NYS Music!

Frank: Thank You.

Chad: The 2014 N.Y rock scene has seen a lot of Frank Palangi. You have opened for a lot of big names in the genre like Trapt, Powerman 5000, 3 Doors Down, Aaron Lewis from Staind and most recently Buckcherry. How did those opportunities present themselves?

Frank: It takes hard work and dedication and persistence to keep on moving forward. You really have to look out for all opportunities between booking sites, local venues, your fans and emailing and calling to make things happen. I’ve been blessed this year with all these acts and playing solo gigs every week this 2014 year.

Frank Palangi with Chris Brown
Frank Palangi with Trapt’s Chris Brown – Photo by Chad Vergine

Chad: After the Trapt show, I saw you talking with singer Chris Brown. With all the people who you have met during your young career so far, did he or anyone else give you some advice or pointers on the music industry that has helped you or will stick with you for a long time?

Frank: Chris gave me some. He seems like a cool guy. The first time I opened for him, I didn’t get to speak to him. I asked him mainly what he does for vocal warm ups and keeping your voice on track. I ask all singers I meet that question. (laughs) He was nice enough to take my card and hopefully open for them again when they come back around.

Chad: Yes I remember taking a picture of you and him at that show.

Chad: Now you have been playing acoustic at these shows which seems to be a popular format with bands these days venturing off on small acoustic tours and with the likes of local radio station Q 103’s Garage Sessions and Sirius/Xm Octane’s Unleaded series. What do you like most about the acoustic setting?

Frank: I like it because there’s less pressure. It’s an easier setup, so it takes less time, and your personality comes out more than with a full band. I like that raw type of sound and approach sometimes better. More people who ask for it, the popular it will get for that kind of acoustic rock style.”

Chad: Yes I’ve personally enjoyed a lot of the acoustic stuff out there lately. More than I expected I would but I dig it.

Chad: My nephew saw you play an electric set and he was like “Chad you have to see Frank Palangi. He is awesome.” I personally never had the chance to see you play electric. What happened to the band and is there any future plans on forming a band again and re visiting the electric side?

Frank: I’m currently looking for a drummer and bassist to bring that full sound together again. I enjoyed the full sound and playing with different people who I worked with. I’ve been through a number of players trying to find who meshes well. My current guitarist seems to fit very well, Jared. It will come together again. My fans have been asking for it.

Chad: Nice so maybe by the end of 2015 we will see the band assembled?

Frank: No idea. (laughs) Depending if I can get things together. (laughs)

Chad: Cool,Cool bro.

Chad: Have you ever thought about or would be willing to try out for t.v shows like America’s Got Talent to help gain more exposure on a national basis and possibly more or is that something that you’re not interested in doing?

Frank: Yes. I have before. I came close to making it on Rising Star this year. I went up to Boston after I get a call from the casting agent to audition for it in front of the producer of the show. I have also sent videos to The Voice and went to an America’s Got Talent tryout too.

Frank Palangi 4
Frank Palangi

Chad: So what happened with AGT? I think you could thrive in that setting if you can get on. How does that process work?

Frank: Never got a call back. (laughs)

Chad: (laughs) That’s b.s. Never give up though keep trying.

Frank: Stood in line with thousands of people for AGT.(laughs) I did meet Nick Cannon quickly.

Chad: That’s cool is he nice?

Frank: I’d say so (laughs)

Chad: What made Frank Palangi say I want to play music for a living?

Frank: It didn’t really start out that way, I just I wanted to do music and give it a good shot with making my own music. I’d say though it was when I met Day of Fire on their last day of their last tour at Upstate Concert Hall. After Josh Brown the singer listened to my CD on his bus ride home their producer Rogers Masson contacted me and then 3 months later I was in Nashville, Tennessee working on my first debut EP. From there I knew I wanted to stick with this and do it for a living and go more professional.

Chad: You must have been stoked when they contacted you?

Frank: They are one of my influences so for sure!

Chad: How do you go about the song writing process? Do you just sit down and try to pen one out or for an example your just going about your day and some words just pop in your head and your like this could be a song and starting writing it out?

Frank: I start out with the music. Usually I pick up a guitar I’ll start playing something and I turn that into a tune. Then based on how it feels, the words start to come to me. I do write down lines and ideas I have sometimes out of playing guitar too.

Chad: Nice. Everyone has their ways of doing it. (laughs)

Chad: Your sound check was cut short at the Buckcherry show but like a true professional you just shook it off and gave a great performance. How do you prepare for a show? Do you have any superstitions or rituals you do before you go on stage?

Frank: To be honest, no. (laughs) I stay calm and relaxing and make sure I’m warmed up vocally and in the right frame of mind. You have to forget about everything else in your life and just focus on the present.

Chad: While on stage at the Buckcherry show you talked about some of the plans you have in the works for early 2015, I think with a member from Daughtry. Could you tell us about exactly what you will be doing and how this opportunity came about and do you hope it leads to something more?

Frank Palangi 3
Frank Palangi

Frank: I’ll have a press release coming out soon with info on that

Chad: It will have something to do with a member of Daughtry though?

Frank: You’ll see. (laughs) Yes has to do with Daughtry (laughs)

Chad:  I saw a quote on your website. You said “I have no plan b on backing down on my dreams.” What else is next for Frank Palangi that fans can get excited about?

Frank: I’m working on new material for this upcoming year, some unreleased material to be released somehow as well. Also a new music video for HOPE coming out early this year! More live shows and we’ll see where things move toward.

Chad: Awesome bro. Thanks for your time Frank. Best of luck to you in the future.

Frank: Thanks man. Also everyone can go to cdbaby.com and get a free download of the song “Hope.”


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