Interview with Chris Alan of Passion in Constellation

Passion in Constellation is the evolving brainchild of Chris Alan. This project can be described as synth-pop. But this is not just like any electronic music; this music involves guest vocals with some very passionate lyrics that give more of an indie feel to the music too. Passion in Constellation has been making a name for itself all around Buffalo, being mentioned on BuffaBLOG (Buffalo’s Local Music Blog) website and podcast and has had air play on What You’re Missing podcast.

Alan graduated from Fredonia State in which he studied recording arts and guitar performance. He has also worked with Buffalo’s very own Well Worn Boot with producing their last two albums. He recently released a single called We Want It All ft Cara Doyle who is also a fellow Fredonia graduate. The single has been receiving airplay on a few podcasts.

Alan and I set up an interview where he shared his passion for music, how he got started and his accomplishments.

CK: How did Passion in Constellation start?

CA: Passion in Constellation started as a way for me to share my music to the world and the people I love while also keeping it consistent. I’ve written and producer many different genres but the music I really enjoy writing is somewhere within Indie and Electronic arena.

CK: What was your first project?

CA: The very first band I played and wrote with was called SpeakWrite, back in middle school which was barely heard beyond my basement. It was a hardcore band and we all had a lot of fun with it.

CK: Cara said she was nervous with doing the song with Passion in
Constellation how did you convince her and how did you pick her for the song?

CA :She was a bit nervous, but who isn’t when placed in the spotlight! Especially being it her first time recording in a studio. I had first heard her singing voice from a video she posted on Facebook singing a song with her father. After writing “We Want It All”, I knew her voice would be the perfect complement to the music.

CK: Are there any other projects you are currently working on?

CA: I’m always in the studio writing. My next release is going to be a bit untraditional but it has been a very fun project to work on. It’ll be an Ep called, “Forfeit the Genre”, it’ll feature three previous Passion tracks remixed in a hip-hop styling with a rap vocalist. Additionally, I am in the works of writing a new song in a similar vein as “We Want It All” to have Cara sing some more epic vocals.

You can download Passion in Constellation on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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