Freekbass and ‘The Bump Assembly’ Turn Up the Heat in Allentown

freekbass_buffalo1A lot of bands say they have a hard time giving it their all at shows with poor turnouts. Freekbass and his band, The Bump Assembly, do not fall into this category.

Many local and national artists who have played in Buffalo, NY over the years have learned that competing against a Buffalo Bills game is not an easy task. That being said, when I walked into Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar (DBGB’s) on Thursday Nov 13 to watch Freekbass lay down his impressive slap bass licks and unmistakable funk sound, I was greeted by an overwhelming crowd of diehard Bills fans who had completely taken over the bar and restaurant, forcing Freekbass and his band to postpone their set until the game’s conclusion. And upon finally starting their first song, they were playing to a crowd of about 15 people, including NYS Music photographer Meredith Snow and myself

But did this stop them from putting on a captivating live show? Absolutely not.

The funkadelic three-piece treated the audience to their enraptured stage presence and dance routines, which could only be described as being choreographed by the Blues Brothers themselves. Nothing could stop them from presenting themselves and the music they love the way they wanted to do it. They probably would’ve done the same had they only been performing for the sound guy and bartender.

It’s work ethic and dedication like that, that makes bands truly stand out. Their musicianship is uncanny and their collective heart is just as apparent and powerful. I would recommend them to any avid funk, r & b, or hip hop listener. Freekbass’ new album is called Everybody’s Feelin’ Real. Its been available online on bandcamp for the last three months – if you’re a fan of anything that falls into the space-groove funktronica category – go download a copy immediately.

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