Fiery Dopapod Show Ends in Actual Fire

Dopapod got a heck of a scare Friday night as their first set was ended prematurely by fire. Reports say that the fire started in one of the speaker cabinets and the venue was promptly evacuated. Thankfully it was quickly contained and no injuries were reported.

‘Pod was set the celebrate the recent release of their Never Odd or Even album (Check out review here) but only made it through one set before the show had to be ended. Fan’s were offered half price ticket’s at Saturday’s show in Philly as a makeup. The band – not missing an opportunity to show their keen sense of humor – started Saturday’s show with a cover of Jimmy Hendrix’s apropos “Fire”. Kudos to the staff and management at Gramercy for taking what could have been a very bad situation into a happy ending.

We told you this group was hot right?

Alex B posted this video to YouTube of Dopapod playing “Vol. 3 #86” which ended just before the fire started.

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