Super 400 Shreds Putnam Den

Putnam Den was the site of one of the hottest shows that is going to be seen anywhere, at anytime on Friday, October 3. The bar was packed, first with patrons surrounded around the TVs watching the baseball playoffs but when Suitable Groove took this stage the bar became sparse and the stage area began to fill up to get a better look at opening act of the evening.

Suitable Groove
Opening up with the hoppy dance track “Up to the Front”, which grabbed everyone’s attention with an energy matched by few. The solos where abounding as each member added their own uniqueness to the bands sound. The drummer, Ian Henderson, did not just hold the songs together with his rhythmic beats, he also sang lead vocals, a complicated task. Bassist Eric Johnson helped in this as well as he laid down beats in which keyboardist Chadd Portwine, who was filled with energy, danced around getting the crowd even more engaged then they already were. The guitar playing of Wayne Chaet, however, was a very high energy groove, a Suitable Groove if you will. They also had the ability to bring it back down to the songs original composition. This was the perfect opening act for what was to come next with Super 400 ready to take the stage.

Super 400
The energetic “Be My Friend” opened up Super 400‘s set and had the crowd eating out of their hands from the onset and there was no turning back. This and many of their songs featured shredding guitar solos from Kenny Hohman, but unlike many bands where guitars solos are the feature of the band, this was not the deal with Super 400. They focused more on the songs, the lyrics and the melodies which complemented the songs to perfection. Lori Friday added a higher pitch and slower vocal that matched Hohman’s more raspy southern rock feel. Friday however was not just a backing vocalist by any stretch of the imaginations, taking leads on many tracks that still wasn’t her highlighted skill. She laid down sick bass solos and had the crowd in awe. She was tearing it up to the point drummer Joe Daly and her were almost dueling, which just brought the energy lever higher. The show was amazing in every aspect.

Playing covers of the Beatles “Don’t Let me Down,” to Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet,” and new renditions of standards that have been heard hundreds of times, but with Super 400 playing them it seemed as if it was the first time they were ever heard. Everyone in attendance was blown away, and although it was a free show, people said they would have had no problem paying to see this spectacle, a statement to just how fantastic the night was.