The Sea The Sea and Great Mutations dive into Albany

On a Fall October night in Albany at The Low Beat, two local bands took to the stage to show that the music scene in the area is alive and well. The Sea The Sea, with openers Great Mutations played their first and third live shows of the area, respectively, and made new fans to those who were in attendance. Three piece act Great Mutations, from Troy, started the evening off with some easy-going rock tunes that would sound perfect on the California coast. Their songs were well written, both musically and lyrically. The beginning of their set saw some trepidation from the band, but by the end of the set their confidence oozed through the music. Lead singer and guitarist Matt Thouin said after the set that the band likes to mainly record and haven’t looked into playing live shows, but hopefully this will change as the band showed off a lot of potential in their 40 minute set.

After a short break The Sea The Sea played their first Albany show. Duo Mira Stanley and Chuck E. Costa played a great set of folk-rock that had signs of deep space and jamming thrown in for good measure. The Sea The Sea’s name, which means ‘a cry of joy’, came from a Greek tale of soldiers arriving to see the ocean and exclaiming the words and Mira and Chuck sing their songs with such joy that the name fits perfectly. Their harmonies at times soared over the music with their dreamy lyrics and made everyone in the venue focus on what was being sung instead of the music that was being produced.


With only one album to their credit, The Sea The Sea decided to surprise the crowd and play a set mostly composed of brand new music that no one has heard yet and hopefully will make the second album the band plans on recording will living in the Albany area once again. The one song they played from their first album was the title track “Love We Are We Love” and it gave the group a moment to not worry about the new material and let them go zone in on the music. The rest of the music throughout the night was wonderful as well. The best new track was “Drunken King” near the end of the evening. The haunting track has Pink Floyd vocal wailing from Mira, while Chuck sings straight forward and plays the keys. The minimal music in the song lets the lyrics really be the forefront of what the listener is hearing throughout the song.

With two guitars, a harmonica, a drum set, a keyboard, and two voices, The Sea The Sea put on an hour-long set that seemed to go by too quickly. Though the music is not what one would consider busy, it melds perfectly with their voices to create a beautiful sound-scape that gets caught in your head and doesn’t want to leave. The band is now once again living in the Capital District and should be playing regularly around town. The small crowd at The Low Beat for the show were won over by show’s end. Hopefully as more shows pop up for The Sea The Sea, the crowds for this great duo continue to rise like the tide.