Clutch Returns to Upstate New York

Photo provided
Photo provided

It’s that time of year again. Heavy Earth Rockers, Clutch, are returning to Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday, Sept. 6. The band will likely hold court to a packed house, as they seem to bring out fans from all corners of the state and beyond every time they grace the stage at UCH.

Joining them on this tour will be Lionize, a tight, riff heavy outfit from Maryland. Their new album, Jetpack Soundtrack, is full of their usual sci-fi metaphors coupled with intense hard rock. But this album is a little different, as the band and their sound have matured over the last ten years. It was also co-produced by Jean-Paul Gaster, the drummer of Clutch, adding to the explosive percussive energy this album emits. 

Also opening up is American Sharks, a driving heavy rock band, reminiscent of the glory days of Motorhead. Both American Sharks and Lionize round out a night of guitar-heavy, full on rock that is sure to be a show not to miss. Upstate Concert Hall brings quality entertainment to the area, and a Clutch show is one that many faithful patrons frequent every single year.

Clutch continues to return because of the overwhelming response they have gotten from this area. Blues driven, heavy rock riffs coupled with a stunning vocal assault are what make these shows so much fun.  If you are a fan of heavy music, or music that moves you, this is the show for you. If you are already a fan of Clutch, both openers promise to deliver in a big way, and might make you fans of them as well. Thanks to Step Up Presents for bringing this band back again and again.


Tickets can be bought through Ticketmaster or through the Upstate Concert Hall box office.