Hearing Aide: Fikus ‘Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery’

fikus albumFikus, the five piece electro-funk band from New Jersey, is set to release their first full length album Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery on July 1st. The band consists of guitarist Steve Malone, Travis Paparoski on bass, Jon Schumarak on keyboards, Pete Kozak on percussion and Kito Bovenschulte on drums with all of them contributing to youthful and harmonious vocals. Fikus is no stranger to Upstate Festivals such as The Catskill Chill, Disc Jam, and The Big Up, gathering fans all over the East Coast with their genre fusing, energetic live performances.

The album title is on point, given that each song takes you through diverse musical landscapes with such mixed emotions; it is a 13 track surprisingly mature psychedelic trip. The album will be available as a digital download, physical CD for $10, vinyl for $25 plus shirts, pins and even a teapot. Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery is a great listen for unwinding after a long day of work, road trips or studying with your headphones on. Click here to purchase your Fikus package today.

The first two songs, “Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery Part 1 &2” are eerie with wailing echoes and dark lyrics. Part 2 turns into a haunted amusement park with a familiar friendly tone before the creepy whispers, laughs and climbing guitar riffs take over. “Something Stanky” is where the mood shifts for a more recognizable and welcoming tone. A structured song of steady rhythm with jazzy keys sets an easy groove. “Tempest In A Teapot” has a vintage piano sound with that old rag time tempo with punk rock attitude. The all instrumental “Dingo” and “Nightwalker” both have fast paced electronic melody with powerful guitar riffs and climbing peaks that sends the body in motion. “Cloudburst (From Jim)” is just that with bursts of crashing cymbals and airy, graceful piano notes. “Space Cowboy Part 1” resembles a softer side of Pink Floyd, with ambient compositions that soar through light and dark space out of the speakers whereas “Part Two” has more edge. The funky bass line on “Wafflestomp” is solid for the overlapping chaos. The album ends with a speedy “Big Booty Bounce” and a bitter “DayCrawler” with spiteful lyrics and mocking melody.

Don’t miss Fikus this year as they will be supporting their new album at major festivals such as Hudson Music Project, Luna Light Music Fest, Farm Fest and once again, to the Catskill Chill.

Key Tracks: Something Stanky, Dingo, Space Cowboy Part 2

Watch the official music video for “DayCrawler” off of Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-lM1A-E4H8]

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