Pop-Rock Band Um Jennifer? Releases Debut EP “The Girl Class”

NYC-based pop/indie-rock band Um Jennifer? released their debut EP titled, The Girl Class, released on April 5.

The group’s debut extended play is chock full of charming, energetic, punk-tinged indie rock. Each song on the album is different than the last, with its own sound and charm. There is clear influence from The Cure, Eyedress, Sonic Youth, MGMT, and more. Much of their songs are reminiscent of love, sexuality, adventure, and youth.

Elijah and Fig set out to pierce the soundscape with their sharp-witted, psyche-puncturing, and simply fun musical skill. The EP does exactly that. The Girl Class collection of songs is an ode to break ups, freak outs, and deep queer longing. Um Jennifer? utilizes their pop/indie/alternative sound to convey their dynamic range of song.

Throughout The Girl Class EP, love is personified as something fantastic, gory, loud, needy, and needed. These songs were all written within the past year of the band’s life, and were the first songs they wrote together. These songs are the band’s attempt at measuring the immeasurable; at understanding themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Um Jennifer? has conveyed their ideas and vibe as a band well on this EP. They have proven their ability to switch sound and still remain original and themselves. With a debut album like this, with punchy, catchy, emotional, and passionate tracks, the band catches attention and has an audience awaiting further release.

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