Hearing Aide: Bryan Howell and the Standalones ‘Welcome To The World’

a4173681299_10Even though Central New York’s own Bryan Howell and The Standalones are an unsigned group, they have already accomplished being on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Sirius/XM radio for their single “Why Oh Why” from the EP Lightning Through My Soul. The band has already released two EPs and their second one was released in May of this year, Welcome To The World.

Welcome To The World is one of those very unusual albums that can create a sound that combines an older and newer beat. The band’s sound is like a collaboration between The Rolling Stones and Weezer. The opening song off the album is “(Don’t You) Blindside Me”. Howell’s vocals and lyrics gives the song a rock edge while the guitar and drums bring almost a ‘60s vibe to it.

“Nothing To Give You (But Everything)” is a slower track on the album and the beginning focuses more on Brandon Brault: on drums. The drums come in steady as the guitar and bass slowly bring it to a surprisingly faster chorus. Howell passionately sings about how he is not the richest man in the world but he will give all his love to whom his heart is set on.

The last track off the album, “Baby, Don’t Look Back”, brings more of a faster swing than the other songs off the EP. The song also has one of the more longer guitar solos towards the end which shows the bands definite influence of The Clash.

The album is a great combination of garage, rock and even a hint of indie. Welcome To The World brings out the diversity of artists that Bryan Howell and The Standalones are influenced by (Bruce Springsteen, The Knack, Elvis Presley and The Strokes). Any fan of ‘60s to late ‘90s music will love the fine balance that Howell and his band bring to this EP.

Key Tacks: Baby, Don’t Look Back, Oh Please, Valerie, (Don’t You) Blindside Me

Welcome To The World can be purchased HERE. Visit Bryan Howell’s Facebook and Website.

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